5 countries producing the best African coffees

“Coffea arabica” known as coffee plant, originates from Ethiopia and has become a global product over the years; consumed all over the world and planted in several countries. The African coffee is a source of revenue to several African countries who find farming as their primary means of survival or probably due to the availability of farmland.

Coffee plants thrive in areas of high altitude and average weather conditions.

Coffee which is marketed globally are in various brand names but their contents can always be traced to some African countries.


Ethiopia which is the origin of the coffee plant is a country in Eastern Africa with climate that favours the cultivation of coffee trees.

Their highlands is definitely a blessing. These coffee trees are the source of Ethiopia’s unique dry and flavoured African coffee seeds.

Ethiopia is the highest producer and exporter of African coffee and one of the top exporters of coffee(generally) in the world. Its African coffee are of three prominent brands due to regions of production; Yirgacheffe, Limu and Harrar .


If you are wondering where the best medium roast African coffee comes from, then you have found your answer. 

Mount Kilimanjaro and Mount Meru grows these coffee species of Robusta and Arabica with the latter being dominant. Tanzania is serious in its coffee business as this is their largest export crop averaging thirty to forty thousand tons yearly. Their African coffee has a brand of “Tanzanian Peaberry coffee” which is well flavoured and of good taste.


Kenya AA, one of the top ten coffee brands in the world is known for its rich taste and lovely aroma. This African coffee is of a remarkable quality. the Kenyan government is said to motivate coffee farmers to make sure they only produce high quality coffee. Most of the coffe produced here is by local farmers who grow this economical plant in the highland areas such as mount Kenya, Nyanza, Kisii and the Aberdare Range.

This country realizes that coffee is a global commodity and ensures that its rich brand of African coffee is not just appreciated in Africa but globally.

Kenya is quite close to Ethiopia which is the said origin of Coffee


Uganda is one of the biggest exporters of the African Coffee in the continent. Their “good African Coffee” is widely enjoyed in several countries of the world. This African coffee is gotten from robusta coffee trees; they have low acidity but high bitterness.

Their products may not be sold with the name “Ugandan African Coffee” but if you are taking Rukoki Gold, Espresso Roast, Freeze Dried Instant, or Rwenzori Mountains, you are definitely taking Ugandan coffee

Ivory Coast

Unlike other producers and exporters of the African coffee that are East Africans, Ivory Coast is a West African country. 

In the 1970’s and 1980’s, they were the largest producers of the Africa Coffee and one of the largest in the world. Coffee production is the country’s second largest export commodity. Although their productions have declined in recent years, their government hope to revive coffee farming and become one of the top producers in Africa once more.

These countries, although not in any specific order are the leading producers of the African coffee which is loved and consumed worldwide in their unique flavours bearing various product names and labels.

The government of these countries are also making efforts to ensure that their products are of higher quality and in larger quantities so they can challenge in the international market.


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