5 regions where Rwandan Coffee is cultivated

Rwandan coffee is one of the best type of African coffee behind leading producers like Ethiopia, and Kenya but ahead of their close neighbours; Zambia and Zimbabwe. Being introduced into the country by Europeans in the 20th century, their small farms have been managed by locals but their light, medium and dark roast coffee beans have still made it to the international market.

The Rwandan coffee is of an arabica variety called “Bourbon” which has become popular all over the world and is planted on the rich fertile highlands of the country. This high-quality Bourbon is cultivated in various regions but there are five major areas where the Rwandan coffee is cultivated.

  • Virunga 
  • The Virunga mountain is a long volcanic mountain located in the northern border of Rwanda shared with Congo and Uganda. This area where Rwandan coffee is planted has an elevation of up to seven thousand feet and is known as the homeland of gorillas.  “Virunga Coffee Company” is named after this region and is a reputable dealer of the Rwandan Coffee. This is the top growing area of the high-quality Rwandan coffee.

  • Akagera
  • Located in Eastern Rwanda, Akagera which is at the border with Tanzania is characterized by its low mountains and rich, fertile soil. Apart from growing Rwandan coffee, this region is known to have a washing station. Washing of coffee is a process carried out to remove coverings on the coffee beans. This region has an elevation of up to five thousand feet.

  • Kivu
  • This region bears the popular lake Kivu which lies on the border and is shared by Rwanda and the Democratic Republic of Congo. One of the Rwandan coffee brands “Kivu Noir” is named after this region where the economical crop is grown. This coffee is grown on the volcanic slopes of the region having an elevation of up to six thousand feet.

  • Muhazi
  • Muhazi lies few kilometres east of Kigali, the capital of Rwanda. Tall Bourbon trees flourish in this region where the thin, shallow Muhazi lake is situated. The Muhazi lake is a good water source for these trees making them produce the desired coffee beans. This region has an elevation of about five thousand feet.

  • Kizi Rift 
  • Having an elevation of about seven thousand feet, the Kizi Rift is located in Central Rwanda. This region grows lovely Arabica trees with average sized coffee beans. It is known to have the light roast Rwandan coffee, having some taste of citrus and chocolate.


    Rwanda is a small eastern African country with coffee as one of their major export products. Since coffee is known to thrive well in regions of high altitude and rich fertile soil, which water is one of the compositions, Rwanda is a perfect place for planting coffee. These regions are known as the coffee regions of Rwanda, popular for the varieties of tastes they have ranging from chocolate, sweet, berry, floral, etc. Rwandan coffee flourish in these “5 coffee regions” as they have high elevations and well-watered soil.


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