Americano Coffee

The United States has always come up with a version of whatever good it is other countries have. Italy has Pizza, US has Deep Dish Pizza. This is also the same for coffee. As there is the famous Italy’s Espresso, so also do we have the Tanzanian coffee, so also the American coffee or Americano coffee or caffé Americano in Italian. History has it that the American fighters who fought in World War II needed a cup of Joe (whatever this is) but got espresso instead. Espresso came in small mugs smaller than coffee mug. The American fighters on tasting the espresso weren’t satisfied so they mixed it with hot water and boom; a legend took to the stage.

What then is an Americano?

Americano coffee is a single or double shot of espresso mixed with either hot or iced water. 

In Italy, Americano or caffé Americano could either mean filtered coffee or espresso with hot water.

Americans are known for their exotic taste and despite however cornered they are, they seem to find a way through. Not just Americano is a subset of espresso but Long Black is also. While Americano is prepared by adding water to the espresso, Long Black is prepared by adding espresso to the water.

Why you should go for Americano

There are quite a good number of wholesome coffees like the famous Arabica coffee that the Ethiopians brew, Tanzanian coffee, Cappuccino, café latte and a host of other. Why does Americano stand out? As a drip coffee, it isn’t burned, it is sweet, acidic, easy to get or make and can be gotten from the closest restaurant. Espresso is brewed into different flavor all over the world and it may take a tour round the universe to try them all. Espresso taste like scotch in its variation of flavor while still holding its quality. Taking an undiluted or mixed espresso might be too strong for you, so perfectly adding hot water helps you drink it better; adding the floral while ensuring the quality is just perfect. 

By having an Americano, you tend to increase the taste of the espresso while also unlocking the full effect of the drink.

How to prepare a typical caffé Americano

You brew your espresso with your espresso machine. You can also draw your hot water from the machine or a kettle depending on how convenient it is for you. Depending on the setting, an espresso is ideal to handle the brewing and the hot water if indoor or on a small-scale. A separate kettle or machine should be in place alongside with the espresso machine so the machine won’t wear if on a commercial scale. You can henceforth prepare it which way you want, either Long Black, Americano with hot water or with iced water.

There is a vast variation of Americano which has iced Americano as discussed above. This is made by combining espresso with cold water. Another type is red eye which is made with drip coffee instead of the famous hot water. Others are lungo and caffé crema which are made by extracting an espresso shot for long in proportion to its volume.

Enjoy every moment with Americano!

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