If you drink coffee and you desire the best coffee with the best flavour, then Cameroon coffee is the answer. Cameroon is known for its rich, spicy, mellow flavoured coffee that is accompanied by a pleasant aroma. The spicy flavours of the Arabica coffee have awarded Cameroon with a standing of quality excellence. Paired with the Robusta productions, Arabica has gained international popularity. The country is also at a good standing with balanced climate, which ensures favourable agricultural conditions. These factors provide the coffee with excellent quality.

Cameron coffee is flavoured in a way that it’s specially designed to allow each flavour to enhance the natural taste of 100% Specialty Grade Arabica Coffee. All flavours are usually a combination of natural and artificial flavours.

A Brief History of Cameron coffee

Cameron coffee production started in 1978. It was made from the most flavourful Arabica beans from around the world, carefully blending and roasting them in small batches before taking them to the customers so they can enjoy a truly wonderful cup of coffee. Since the time of production, the company that started the production has sought the most exotic and flavourful beans from the finest plantations around the world, which include Mexico, Costa Rica, Jamaica, Columbia, Kenya, and Sumatra. Cameron coffee brand guarantees safe environmental standards, and their organic varieties have been grown and processed without the use of pesticides, herbicide, or chemicals. Cameron coffee is grown naturally.

The decaffeination process of Cameron coffee

An Indirect process is used to decaffeinate Cameron coffee beans. In this process, a long water soak at near boiling temperature is used to gradually draw caffeine out of the coffee beans. This mixture of water and caffeine is treated to absorb the caffeine from the solution. The moisture is then boiled till it evaporates, removing the solution and the caffeine. Later, water is reintroduced to the beans; this is done to restore any moisture, oils, and flavours that may have been lost during the process. 

How should Cameron coffee be stored? 

Storing your Cameron coffee in an airtight container in the cabinet is the best way. This should be away from sources of heat or light. Room temperature should be maintained for storing the coffee. Storing the coffee in the fridge or freezer is not recommendable since cold temperatures can dry out the beans. Cameron Coffee will always remain fresh until it reaches its expiring date. 

Description of Cameron coffee

  1.   Cameron coffee is sugar-free with no artificial sweeteners.    
  2.   It has no calories.
  3.     It is dairy free. 
  4.   Cameron Coffee is 100% gluten-free. 
  5.   There is no sodium in the coffee. 
  6.   There is no potassium or phosphorus in the coffee.

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