Coffee Is My Best Friend

Generally, there are two types of coffee lovers on earth - those who just take occasionally and those who live daily with it. There are people who might ask some questions like; what type of coffee lover do I fall into? How do I know if coffee is part of my life? If you don't know where you fall into, what it all comes down to is how you look at coffee. People do not just take decisions or do not just get ‘addicted to’ a particular thing, permit me to use the word ‘addicted’ as some may misinterpret. For coffee lovers, what decides whether they live with coffee or just take coffee as a last choice is because there is no other tea or beverage available are the advantages of coffee to the body and the nature of coffee.

Why do I unconsciously make coffee my best friend?

Coffee is more than just ‘caffeine’! Anybody who takes coffee will testify how delectable the drink means to them. It's a drink they've become a friend to and it's part of their daily routine. Coffee has numerous health benefits that cannot be denied. Some might see coffee lovers as addicts, obsessed, but there are real reasons why coffee is so lovable. Some reasons are:

  1.   In some families, coffee is a tradition

 Someone once told me that his love for coffee is definitely attributed to his mom who could take coffee like water. Now, he spends time getting coffee together with friends. It's become a part of his life and something he enjoys doing together with friends and family members. 

  1.   Coffee taste really good  

When I say this, it might seem obvious, but the word coffee never sounds so good to some. Whether it's taken for breakfast or dinner, the unreserved coffee flavour is bound to be appreciated by all coffee drinkers.

  1.   Coffee has a way of comforting the mind

The moment you're just feeling depressed about yourself, so tired about life and everything seems to go upside down, and no one seems to be that friend that really care, coffee is your best friend. Taking a cup of a warm chai latte will automatically bring a smile to your face.

  1.   The refreshing taste of coffee

To be candid, I can tell you that nothing is more satisfying on a hot afternoon than an iced vanilla latte to cool you down. Coffee is that special drink to quench your thirst with its natural best flavours.

  1.   Coffee has a way of bonding friendship

Coffee actually brings people together. Think of a date at a coffee shop, how it will feel like? Taking coffee at coffee shops is the best date or meeting spot you can ever think of. If you sit out alone at the coffee shop, you’ll get to know people and form relationships with them.

  1.   Coffee adds fancy to life

You may want to argue that coffee is actually very costly and that it’s not really necessary to consider it, this is an opportunity for you to add fancy to your life and make life more meaningful. It may sound boogie ordering mocha frappuccino to enjoy its flavour; I would want you to seize the opportunity of adding fancy to your life.

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