How do I know the best time to take a cup of coffee?

How do I know the best time to take a cup of coffee? Could it be appropriate in the mid day? 

 The Coffee Time Question Answered!!

It is quite fascinating that over 85 percent of Americans consume caffeine regularly, and coffee is the preferred medium. So how do we know the frequency to take this coffee? Or what is the best time of the day to drink our cup of coffee? 

The explanation remains that when you wake up, your body produces elevated amounts of cortisol, the stress hormone that makes you feel anywhere from alert to anxious. If you add caffeine, which increases levels of cortisol in people who are either mentally stressed or are simply resting, you could have an influx of cortisol at one time. 

Some nutritionists say the combination could make you feel more tired later on, when both the caffeine and the cortisol wear off. In view of this effect, the better way to feel more awake in the morning is to get more sleep the night before.

So are we saying you shouldn’t take a cup of coffee? 

No, it’s better to regulate the amount of coffee in volume which you consume because of the health effects it has on humans, due to the strong negative action of caffeine in our body. It’s good for you to regulate the time at which you consume this coffee. Sometimes you might need to discipline yourself and don’t mind if you are stressed mentally. For example a cup of black tea can replace the coffee in the mid day; black tea just contains half the volume of caffeine as contained in coffee. 

How late is too late for coffee?

It is better to avoid the late hours. As this current study shows, late-afternoon caffeine can cause problems for your sleep, even if you aren’t aware of it. To avoid sleep disruption, restrict your caffeine consumption primarily to the morning hours. If you do have a midday cup of coffee, make sure to drink it before 2 p.m.

How many hours before bed should I stop drinking coffee?

Oops!, many never get careful with this aspect of time of drinking coffee before bed. According to research, you should avoid consuming caffeine from around 2pm, or at least seven hours before bed, as it can otherwise negatively affect your sleep.

Can I drink coffee at 4pm in the evening time or late in the evening? 

This is a very technical question that many people have always been curious about. The truth is that it is not advisable to drink coffee late in the evening due to the effect of too much caffeine can have on the nervous system. Caffeine can disrupt your sleep up to six hours after consuming it, leading to an hour or more lost in rest. So if you want to start winding down and going to bed at 9 p.m., drinking coffee after 3 p.m. is a bad idea. Still on this note, a cup of regular tea can substitute for the coffee. Therefore one has to be careful when he or she is working and get stressed, then need a mental booster to keep alert. At this time of the day caffeine is not suggested. 

The latest time you can drink coffee before bed will ultimately depend on when you’d normally turn in for the night, but experts generally suggest you stay away from caffeine anywhere from six to eight hours prior going to bed in the night. 

The stress hormone, cortisol, and it’s peak time:

It is quite informative for you to bear in mind that cortisol levels are high at three times of the day, not just early in the morning, according to a 2009 study. So the best times to drink coffee — or caffeine in general — is between 10 a.m. and noon, and between 2 p.m. and 3p.m. Taking a cup of coffee at the wrong time could lead to an influx in the stress hormone and cause a negative effect on your sleeping cycle later. It is hereby suggested that drinking coffee two to three hours after waking up is ok, because the best times are between 9:30 a.m. to 11:30 and 1:30 p.m. to This is to take advantage of the dips in your cortisol levels when you need an additional boost. But it is worthy to note that our sleep and hormone cycles are different; therefore every individual will simply observe the time he or she will go to bed and make sure coffee is taken six to eight hours before that time.

Can I try drinking a cup of coffee on an empty stomach? 

Yes, you can try that but should not be done too often. If you drink coffee on an empty stomach too often, the hydrochloric acid your body produces will damage your stomach lining. That goes for decaffeinated coffee too. 

In Conclusion, Coffee contains caffeine, we need to regulate the frequency of drinking coffee. The best time to drink coffee is between 10am and noon. Every individual has different sleeping time but we should ensure that we don’t take coffee six to eight hours before sleep. Coffee is not also advised to be taken on an empty stomach frequently. This information is helpful to anyone who loves drinking coffee. It’s a great drink but watch out for the time you consume it for the essence of a good health benefit.

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