The Different Types of Coffee Drinks

A fresh cup of coffee can uplift the spirit and start a person's day, it is refreshing and delightful. Gone are those days when people just ask for coffee only. Now they take names of coffee as they are aware of the different tastes coffee has to offer them. Through different brewing methods, we get different tastes of coffee; thus, we are capable of creating different flavours ranging from lattes to cappuccinos, mochas and breves. The taste of the coffee drink is highly dependent on ratios with milk and other ingredients of flavours.

This article will guide you through all the main varieties you need to know if you’re a coffee lover or run a coffee shop.

1. Black Coffee

The name of the coffee says it all. This coffee is served without milk and sugar. People who prefer a strong taste in coffee go with black coffee the most.

2. Espresso

An espresso is a rich, thick and strong shot of pure coffee. It is a strong concentration of coffee beans made by espresso machines with the forced stream of hot water through coffee beans with pressure. It is usually dispensed as a single or double shot, and does not contain milk. Espresso has become a foundation of many flavours of coffee.

3. Americano

Americano is served with a single espresso shot with a cup of hot water. It is often confused with filter coffee, but the two are different. Americano is simply made from an espresso shot from with hot water.

4. Mocha Cafe

Mocha, also called Mocaccino is simply an espresso-based drink with the addition of chocolate. It is a combination drink which includes an espresso shot, chocolate syrup or powder and steamed milk. This coffee drink is preferred by chocolate and coffee lovers both as it is a chocolate flavour variant latte.

5. Cappuccino

Cappuccino is an Italian variant coffee drink which is served with espresso shot, foamed milk and steamed milk. It is one of the best-known hot drinks on the High Street. One of the frothiest drinks you can buy at a café and it's favoured by many for this reason.

6. Cafe Latte

Latte consists of the same three parts as a cappuccino (espresso, foamed milk and steamed milk), but the ratio is what differentiates this drink. This variant is made with one shot of espresso and three shots of steamed milk with a very small amount of froth on the top.

7. Chai Latte

It is a combination of tea and coffee. Chai latte is made with one shot of tea mixed with one shot of espresso.

8. Cafe au Lait

This drink is made with 1:1 ratio of espresso or brewed coffee shot with steamed milk.

9. Iced Coffee

Iced coffee is a chilled beverage that is usually served over ice. It is a brewed shot served with sugar, milk and ice or ice-cream. Examples of Iced coffee include Iced latte, Iced americano, Iced mocha and Frappuccino.

10. Irish Coffee

It is a cocktail drink containing a shot of brewed coffee, Irish whiskey, cream and sugar.

11. Macchiato

This is a spotted or stained coffee. This drink is made with 4:1 ratio of espresso and steamed milk. The milk is placed on the surface as a formality to stain the coffee shade or to foam it.

12. Flat White

Flat white is a single or double shot of espresso topped with a little steamed milk and foam. It differs from a regular latte as there is less milk, meaning a higher coffee-to-milk ratio. This results in a stronger tasting beverage.

13. Black Eye

This is an American style drip coffee served with a shot of espresso. This coffee is an eye-opener as it is strong in taste.

14. Breve

Breve is a combination of latte coffee served with half milk and half cream instead of whole milk. It is an American style latte coffee.

15. Cortado

This is a Spanish variant coffee drink. This type of drink is made with espresso shot and steamed milk in equal ratio. This is done to reduce the acidity in the coffee.

16. Frappe

It is a cold drink like milkshake. This drink is made with cold espresso shot sugar and milk with other flavours blended into a thicker frosty drink.

The world of coffee is growing every single day, and it’s often hard to keep up with the latest brewing methods. It is important to understand the different brewing methods if you run a coffee shop or a cafe to provide successful service in the industry. With this basic understanding, you can adequately find out the techniques and types of coffee drink that best suit your customers' needs and personal tastes.

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