It's a scary time to go shopping. There is a lack of all kinds of possibilities, and knowing what you need to overcome the COVID-19 pandemic can be very stressful. For most of us, doing our part means staying home to isolate ourselves, but discovering how to stay busy and having fun when you are at home for several days can be challenging. We need to prepare, not because we feel we are in personal danger, but to be able to help reduce risk to everyone. We need to prepare not because we are facing a terrible scenario outside of our control, but because we can change all aspects of this danger we face as a society. "

If you are like me, you need morning coffee. Imagine being quarantined and not having coffee. During hurricane warnings and blizzards, I and my friends always make sure that we have instant espresso powder and long-lasting milk so we can have coffee without electricity. Since electricity is unlikely to be affected, these strict procedures may not be necessary - but make sure you have the supply and method of making coffee, conserve milk or walnut milk, since refrigerated milk can be harmful or short in supply as we are told to refrain from anything cold during this pandemic. Honey, as been proven to be more effective than most of the cough syrup we use, good stock of honey to add to your morning or evening coffee, will not be a bad idea.


The coffee material is revealing and can help remove the accumulation of hard-to-clean surfaces. They can even help with disinfection due to their antibacterial and antiviral properties. If you want to avoid cleaning with chemicals, the coffee beans used may be worth it. Use it to clean the sink, polish kitchenware, or clean the grill. Be careful not to use it on any porous material of any kind, as it can cause brown spots.


During this pandemic and social distancing, since everybody is likely staying at home. You can make use of coffee to achieve that your desire skin and can be used to make hair grow beautifully too.

Coffee is a brilliant natural exfoliator it useful in removing dead skin cells. You can prepare your exfoliation treatment by mixing ground coffee (used or fresh) with olive oil and using a scrub on the areas of the body you want to exfoliate. After 15 to 20 minute rinse off with lukewarm water.

Coffee can be helpful for you to achieve that beautiful hair you be craving for. It not only makes your hair shiny, but caffeine is also a great treatment to deal with hair loss because it stimulates hair growth and makes it soft and nutritious. To use coffee as a hair care product, do the following: Make a coffee - just cover all of your hair. Let it cool and then put it on your hair. Rub the scalp in circular motions. After for 20 to 30 minutes, then rinse off with water. STAY AT HOME AND STAY SAFE

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